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Vineyard Blocks

Block A: Pinot noir, planted in 1995 with Trefethen clone and rootstock 110R. It is 6.2 acres and the vines are planted 6' x 11.'

Block B: Chardonnay, planted in 1994 with Trefethen Clone rootstock 5C. It is 4.9 acres and vines are planted 6 x 11.'

Block C: Chardonnay, planted in 1996 with a #96 clone. It is 4.9 acres and the vines are planted 6' x 9.'

Block D: Pinot noir, planted in 2008. Rows 1-16 are the 115R clone and rows 17-33 are the 777 clone. It is 3 acres and the vines are spaced 7'x 5.'

Block E: New planting ***

Block F: Pinot noir, planted in 2000 with Trefethen clone rootstock 101-14. It is 4.3 acres and the vine spacing is 4' x 7.'

Blocks G, H & I: New planting in 2018.

Corotto Vineyards is managed by Walsh Vineyard Management. For information please call ***


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